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Author: Phelan Acheson

About Phelan Acheson

I'm a photographer, journalist, and activist. I've been called a "prolific writer" by Jabari Morris, co-editor in chief of Real Progressives. I focus on national politics as well as Utah current events. I enjoy weaving the historical record into my articles for allegory and reference. In addition to my work here at the Lighthouse Tribune, you can find some of my other works at Real Progressives. -

I founded The Lighthouse Tribune as a project to inject independent commentary into Utah and National politics. More speech is almost always the answer, and censorship is never the answer. Today, we have multiple active contributors, and are always looking for sharp writers to add to the team.

My political history includes volunteering as a Bernie Victory Captain in Bernie's 2020 campaign. I became the top 20th Bernie Victory Captain in the nation, based on phonebanks alone. I also ran mailbanking at every phonebank I hosted, hosted canvasses, ran a couple Bernie Journeys to Nevada, and organized and hosted an event called "Mormons For Bernie Fireside" where Dr. Jane Sanders (yes, that Jane, Bernie's wife) was our keynote speaker. After Bernie was forced out of the race, I volunteered in a creative role for Howie Hawkins' 2020 presidential campaign, formally entering independent politics.

I've also been a front-line activist, attending countless protests in both journalistic and non-journalistic roles. I joined the daily #BLM protests in Utah over the summer of 2020, nearly every day. I've attended the Global Climate Strike 2 years in a row. I've organized protests, including Salt Lake City's Lights for Liberty Vigil and a No War With Iran protest immediately after General Soleimani's assassination by the US government.

My articles range from commentary mixed with straight reporting to full-blown editorials. Thank you for taking the time to check out my work!

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The Lighthouse Speaks: Episode 001- GND, Patriotism, & The Green Party.

Join @PatriotPhelan, @EclecticRadical, @yes_vt, and @WC_Patriots by tuning in!
We discuss Biden’s cabinet on and off, a political education project called “Working Class Patriots” in depth, the Green New Deal from a “10,000 mile view”, and the idea and uses of patriotism as it pertains to politics, “repatriating the non-voter” and enacting bold policy agendas.

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