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Born and raised in Utah. I joined the Army at 19 as a combat medic. I regret being a pawn in an illegal war so I find it necessary to speak out. I may be as waves crashing into rocks but sooner or later those rocks give way to the water. Where water is life, I try to give nourishment back to my community by way of my writing.

I come from a myriad of work experience. The military, phlebotomy, strong customer service/account management, pediatric medical research, and data coordination.

Ultimately, I am still a little boy, lying on my bed, devouring The Sword of Shannara and The Elfstones of Shannara. Fantasy gave me a portal to the most morally centered universe I could find, and I try to elicit that in my writings.

Writing is my catharsis when living in a world of horrors. It helps shine a light on the bugaboos and that's what I'm here to do.

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gary herbert: Do black lives matter?

Is this what we call leadership? Is this what we pass off as Christian generosity and welcomeness in Utah? What does Spencer Cox have to say about this? Gary Herbert said that Cox is the most experienced for the job. Is this the type of experience we should be expecting? Someone who can’t be bothered with silly things like citizens upset about vigilante cops that take the law into their own hands?

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Requisite: fluent in class solidarity

Pandemic where 40 million people lost their jobs and healthcare is tied to your job? “HOW ARE YOU GOIN TO PAY FOR THAT” is the lobbied scream at any mention of Medicare for All. But let me tell you what, from a corporate personhood perspective, they’ll change the name from Aunt Jemima to something more palatable. This way there is no need to pay workers more or provide better/any benefits. They can just do corporate symbolism and the symbol minded will fall in line.

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The vampires reveal their agenda, again

We really can do better. Sure, there are people who scream that Socialism is bad. These people are in pain and don’t know who to trust. If we pass this system of healthcare and they benefit, we then begin to deconstruct the brainwashing of America and truly lead ourselves into the future as we have established, through evidence, that we have the best intentions in mind for the American working class.

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the necessary unsafe path to Liberty

They, those in government, may have the power but we have the moral arc of history at our backs, while also having the best policy ideas. This fundamentally undermines their power and creates a vacuum that is often filled by these very people with policy platforms which include Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, a Federal Jobs Guarantee. Hell, Trump may be an imbecile but his space force is something that could be hijacked and used for exploratory means while coupled with the Federal Jobs Guarantee, rather than let it just be another money pit military venture.

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Machiavellian Maneuvering of the Masses

People often call this white privilege. These people are either dumb, propagandized, or purposefully misleading. What I mean by that is, this is an obvious case of class privilege, not white privilege. Brock wasn’t some poor West Virginia coal miner or someone living out of his car. This was a kid in an upper middle class are of society. You see, racism is simply a function of class, because it is meant to divide the working-class in order for the North Korea style propaganda machines to really work their magic.

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