Thursday, June 23, 2022
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An open letter to cis folks regarding Utah H.B. 11

These attacks on our children aren’t enough. These elements would only be partially satiated by the complete extermination and erasure of all trans people at all ages. If for some reason this isn’t horrible enough for you to stand up and speak out, these kinds of elements, these reactionaries, these fascists, always move on to the next group that doesn’t fit their ever-narrower definition of “purity”.

By Artemis Douglas , in Utah Politics , at February 25, 2022

Senator Bernie Sanders: Why We Need His Leadership in the White House Now More than Ever

In this time of economic turmoil where one’s resilience is challenged, where survival of the fittest has become the norm, we often look for a hero who will save the country if not the world. In the midst of this desperation, there is always that one person who has proven time and time again that he will be there for the working class, more importantly for the marginalized sector of our society.

By Grace Parola Davis , in Politics Uncategorized , at March 21, 2020